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Good times in Oslo

So most of last week I was in Olso, Norway and without my mittens. Ok I really need to let go of this mitten thing. I don’t even own any. I just like the sound of the word…mmmiiittens, hmmm anyway I digress. I finally met Kai and his business partner Lars who is also a […]


Off to Oslo!

Although I had planned to submit to a CFP somewhere (namely, to the full track at BSides London for 2014) after my BSides London Rookie Track talk, I hadn’t anticipated on getting invited to speak at an event. So I was quite flattered when Kai Roer (@kairoer / asked me if I’d like to […]

Self development

Continual Self Enhancement

I have always had the motto continual self enhancement it is to this end that along side my book idea I’ve added a couple of certifications to my skill set namely, the ISO27001 Lead Auditor certification and the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice.  The Lead Auditor course was to complement my existing experience around the ISO27001 […]


My first BSides London!

On a freezing Saturday evening, my brain was whirring with talk of awareness – I really don’t know why. I guess I wasn’t actually aware hmmm, I blame the cold. Then it came to me…ping! One of those light bulb moments (energy efficient of course) that next year Security BSides London has a Rookie Track. Oooh I thought, […]

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