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Visual Thinking

I like to doodle. I doodle when I’m in meetings. I doodle when I’m on the phone. I find it helps my creativity. I recently purchased Visual Thinking and it’s already giving me some cool ideas, especially when you need images for presentations. Now I’m thinking why not create my own? Obviously it’ll depend on […]


Transformational Security Awareness

During the SANS European Security Awareness Summit I had the pleasure of meeting Perry Carpenter he mentioned he was writing a book on security awareness and was going to include a section where he interviewed practitioners in the field and asked if I would like to be in it. He explained the premise and the goal of […]


Build a Security Culture (Fundamentals)

My good friend Kai Roer has written an easy to digest book on security culture. Anyone who has been in security for a while will know of Kai and his work on security awareness and culture. He was very kind give me a mention in the book, cheers Kai! It’s a short and accessible book and you […]

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