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Restricted Intelligence Blog Series

I’ve known the good folk at Restricted Intelligence for a while now, I was in their offices recently as they had invited me in to provide a consultants perspective around information security awareness programmes. During the visit they asked if I would write a blog series with some tips on how to increase the chances of running […]


Tools Don’t Change Behaviour People Do

What makes an information security awareness programme effective? As in most cases the answer is “it depends”. Let me elaborate; if your goal is simply to obtain that magic compliance tick then maybe you’ll use some form of computer based training (CBT) coupled with some quizzes and possibly a few videos on your intranet page […]


Popping the Bubble

Are you living in a bubble? Now you’re thinking “Bubble?  You what…” Let me explain.  My experience is that a lot of the time we security types – yes, you and me – don’t actually know what the rest of the departments within the business actually do on a day-to-day basis.  We know they exist […]

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