Good times in Oslo


Good times in Oslo

So most of last week I was in Olso, Norway and without my mittens. Ok I really need to let go of this mitten thing. I don’t even own any. I just like the sound of the word…mmmiiittens, hmmm anyway I digress.

I finally met Kai and his business partner Lars who is also a thoroughly nice chap. The evening I landed we all went out for a meal. We talked about security culture and the work The Roer Group is doing around this, specifically the Security Culture Framework.

On the day of my presentation I was speaking after Martin Mckeay who works for Akamai as a Security Evangelist. I’ve been following his blog and pod casts for a number of years now so I was a little nervous. However, when my time came I felt at ease and I was good to go.

After my BSides talk I knew I could flesh that presentation out for another audience and still make it something that people would be able to relate to and hopefully take something away from. I managed to get through the thirty minutes fairly well and drew a few laughs which is always good as well as answer a couple of questions. Me being me as soon as I sat down I began to think about my delivery, the content and how I could have been better.

Kai and Martin gave me some good feedback which I’m very appreciative of.

The evening concluded with a nice meal and awesome company thank you to Akamai for picking up the bill for my meal 🙂

I saw a little bit of Oslo, made some new friends and managed to survive a thirty minute presentation, I think there’s more to come…actually I’m speaking at the OWASP Birmingham Chapter meeting in December…time to practice the brummy accent 😉

Thank you to Kai and Lars for being lovely hosts and to the rest of the people I met over the three days.

I’ll be back!

Link to the video here Courtesy of Kai Productions

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