Continual Self Enhancement

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Continual Self Enhancement

I have always had the motto continual self enhancement it is to this end that along side my book idea I’ve added a couple of certifications to my skill set namely, the ISO27001 Lead Auditor certification and the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice.  The Lead Auditor course was to complement my existing experience around the ISO27001 standard.

With regards to the APCIP course, well that was to gain an understanding of the basics of the law when working on investigations.  I’ve been involved in investigations where there wasn’t a tried and trusted process and it always made me think, what if the evidence we present is challenged, would it stand up in court?

The course has the following compulsory modules:

  • Law, Evidence, Procedure and Best Practice
  • Advanced Statement/Report Writing
  • Witness Familiarisation

As optional modules I chose the below: 

  • DPA
  • RIPA
  • Securing Electronic Evidence 

I found it to be enjoyable and very valuable.

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