Year: 2014


Bring The Lightning!

It’s back! BSides London is back and this year along with a couple of ex-rookie speakers from 2013 – Anne Wood (@fairycakepixie) and Diarmaid McManus (@MadcapOcelot) as well as Glyn Wintle (@glynwintle) I’m running the Lightning Track. What’s the Lightning Track you ask? Well it’s the unscheduled track – No CfP and no pre-registration. So if you […]


Popping the Bubble

Are you living in a bubble? Now you’re thinking “Bubble?  You what…” Let me explain.  My experience is that a lot of the time we security types – yes, you and me – don’t actually know what the rest of the departments within the business actually do on a day-to-day basis.  We know they exist […]


Look at What I Learnt in Class

The below is my first contribution to The Analogies Project started by Bruce Hallas. When he asked to me contribute I couldn’t say no. You can also find it here on the analogies pageOne of the best pieces of work experience I’ve ever had wasn’t in IT or information security, in fact, it was Teaching English as a […]


Goodbye 2013 hello 2014

At the beginning of a New Year I usually set myself some goals, If I reach these goals then I reward myself. If I don’t reach them well then no goodies for me. This harks back to when I was a child…discipline ruled. Naturally, I didn’t like it at the time but in most things […]

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