Bring The Lightning!


Bring The Lightning!

It’s back!

BSides London is back and this year along with a couple of ex-rookie speakers from 2013 – Anne Wood (@fairycakepixie) and Diarmaid McManus (@MadcapOcelot) as well as Glyn Wintle (@glynwintle) I’m running the Lightning Track.

What’s the Lightning Track you ask? Well it’s the unscheduled track – No CfP and no pre-registration. So if you didn’t make it through the CfP process, didn’t register for the Rookie Track or were just too damn lazy 😉 You still have a chance to talk.

Talks can be up to a maximum of 20 minutes and can be about any security or industry relevant topic. This could be projects, personal interests, hacks, ideas or opinion pieces. There are no limitations on the subject matter or content of these talks.

In addition to the lightning talks there will also be Underground Talks. These are intimate lightning talks where people can discuss investigations, findings or things that they may not wish to disclose in a public forum. They will be run in the Lightning Track room. However, access will be controlled and they will follow the Chatham House Rule.
At 14:00 we have a Women in Security (@womeninsecurity) discussion panel. Berta Papp (@bertapapp) will be moderating on individual approaches to professional development for (not just) Women in IT Security. 

The panel line up is:

  • Raj Patel, UK Operations Security Manager, SocGen
  • Ioana Tugui, Security Consultant at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
  • Ahmed Bengrina, IT Operational Risk & Security Coordinator at SocGen

The Lightning Track is situated in the rather grand Council Chamber and we are lucky to be in there, check out the pics!

So now you know what’s happening, where it’s happening. How do you get to present? Well when you pick up a swag bag in the morning you’ll notice our flyer in there. Fill in the details, tear of the strip and bring it along to the Council Chamber and you’ll be added to the list. Simples.

A few of you have said you might be interested. If I don’t see your name down to do a talk. I will look for you, I WILL find you and…I..hmm…damn I forgot.

P.S – There will be lightning shaped shortbread biscuits. Made by my own fair hands, they won’t be laced with anything. Honest.

Seriously though, as we are an unscheduled track, do come along and take part or else we’ll be twiddling our thumbs in a lovely room all on our own.

There’s just one more thing….

Bring the lightning!

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