The Security Culture Conference 2016


The Security Culture Conference 2016

A couple of weeks ago I was back in beautiful Oslo (One of my favourite cities – I could definitely live there!) for the Security Culture Conference.

Last year we had around 25 people for the inaugural conference which was held on an island just outside the city – see my write up on that here. This year, however, the conference had grown to just under a 100 participants – that’s pretty good going from scratch!

The conference was held at MESH a hub for entrepreneurs and creative minds in the city centre  – it was a great venue and had a really cool vibe. The event drew speakers such as Raj Samani from Intel Security, Rik Ferguson from Trend Micro as well as many others from Europe and the US.

Mingling before the food was served
Some of the views from the restaurant
The sun was still up at around 22:45!
Kristina welcomes us all to the conference
Dr Jane LeClair speaking about the challenges she faced and the solutions she found when building security culture at nuclear facilities in USA.
Bjørn Watne talking about some key actions to take when aligning security culture with the board, management and throughout the organization.
Rune Ask talking about some of the changes coming in the second version of the Security Culture Framework
Raj Samani on why personal data is the new oil of the Internet
After the conference Kai and the CLTRe team launched the CLTRe Toolkit

There was so much more going on in and around the venue and talks that I didn’t manage to snap, such as Rowenna Fielding’s great talk titled “Security Culture as a Just Culture”. I was on after Rowenna and spoke about smashing silos and building bridges when building security culture in different environments.

Overall it was a great few days in Oslo and I was happy to see the conference has grown and matured.   Add the Security Culture Conference to your list of events to attend – It’s a great compliment to technical security conferences. Or if you’ve got something to say keep an eye out for the 2017 CfP.

Thank you to all who made it possible! I’ll be going back!

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