Year: 2015


SteelCon 2015

Last week I presented my “Popping the Bubble” talk at Steel Con – The North’s Premier Hacker Con – – I think it went down quite well and there was some spirited discussion after the talk. Robin (@digininja) and the crew put on a great conference at an amazing price of only £20 – The goodie […]


The Security Culture Conference 2015

So the Security Culture conference happened! On an Island…no really…it was on an island…look… The journey there took about twenty minutes on a ferry and a small boat to get to the island called Lille Herbern. The venue was actually a restaurant – the only one on the island. The day began with Roar Thon’s […]


Build a Security Culture (Fundamentals)

My good friend Kai Roer has written an easy to digest book on security culture. Anyone who has been in security for a while will know of Kai and his work on security awareness and culture. He was very kind give me a mention in the book, cheers Kai! It’s a short and accessible book and you […]


Tools Don’t Change Behaviour People Do

What makes an information security awareness programme effective? As in most cases the answer is “it depends”. Let me elaborate; if your goal is simply to obtain that magic compliance tick then maybe you’ll use some form of computer based training (CBT) coupled with some quizzes and possibly a few videos on your intranet page […]

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