Security Serious Unsung Heroes Award 2022

Every year Security Serious holds the Unsung Heroes Awards, with categories ranging from “Godmother / Godfather of Security” through to “Best Security Awareness Campaign”.  I was genuinely surprised to learn that I was in the running for a Security Leader / Mentor award. “The winner of this award will be someone in industry who leads […]


The Jerich Show

The lovely Javvad Malik and Erich Kron, invited me to join them on their show to chat about a few issues in the news as well as a bit about security awareness and culture. It was nice to be invited and a fun chat, thanks guys! You can the episode here.


Context Switching

It’s like alt-tabbing constantly but in real life.  Imagine the following… You’re trying to get on with your daily tasks. You’re in your flow and you notice an email come in marked urgent which you’re cc’d into and a bunch of people want your opinion on something today. You answer it and get back to […]


The Human Factor in Security

Last week I took part in IT Security Guru’s tweet chat. It was a fun little tweet along and they’ve now taken the time to write it up as a blog for those who missed it. You can check out the blog piece here. Thanks to IT Security Guru for facilitating it and much respect […]

Books General

Visual Thinking

I like to doodle. I doodle when I’m in meetings. I doodle when I’m on the phone. I find it helps my creativity. I recently purchased Visual Thinking and it’s already giving me some cool ideas, especially when you need images for presentations. Now I’m thinking why not create my own? Obviously it’ll depend on […]


Security Culture TV

A few years ago my friend Kai Roer and I got on Google Hangouts to talk about security awareness, behaviour and culture and we had some great guests join us.  Now it’s back and Kai invited me along to have a catch up, cheers bro! I’m looking forward to all the new guests, their perspectives and opinions. […]

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